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'Theatre is all about the creative imagination and nowhere is this more important and more apparent than in the minds of young people.'

Nicholas Pinnock

FREEPLAY Collection

The FREEPLAY Digital Theatre Collection, powered by YouTube, features household names in entertainment through community theatre makers to emerging artists in the UK and around the world. FREEPLAY is accessible without sign in or subscription to teachers in school, families at home and anyone with a love for creativity. Each playlist is attributed to a featured theatre maker with link to their website, in blue text under playlist title, where you can check out live shows and workshops through to online entertainment and educational resources. Entertain. Educate. Inspire!


The SUPERSTREAM Premium Collection is a curated selection of invited guest theatre makers offering opportunity to view their work, which would normally be live ticketed performance in their geographic locale, via the globally accessible Vimeo OTT rental platform.

ONTHEMAP Directory

Explore the ONTHEMAP Directory to find creative resources from children’s theatre companies in the UK and worldwide.

Digital cannot live without live. Live cannot thrive without digital.

Look out for live shows and workshops advertised by theatre companies in your local area. You may be able to book directly with theatre companies via their own website booking facilities.

Sharing the imaginative power of theatre with new generations

Children’s Theatre Digital is designed by Annabel Morley and Sean Hollands. We are both theatre directors. When we started this project we knew very little about streaming platforms or websites, but here we are! We have learnt a lot since we started working on this project back in the early days of 2020. We hope that you will see that hard work reflected in where Children’s Theatre Digital is today.

Children’s television, film and theatre are blood relatives, the trio are rooted in storytelling. There is no reason then, that if children’s theatre makers can engage an audience they know better than anyone (holding a child’s attention in real time for an hour is no mean feat), that children’s theatre cannot be as successful as its siblings in a digital space.

– Annabel Morley

‘What could be more important than introducing young people to the healing, uniting, emotional experience of theatre?’

Michael Attenborough CBE

Who we are

Our Story

We started Children’s Theatre Digital with a simple ambition, to get theatre in front of more children.

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Our Patrons

We are indebted to our patrons for their unwavering support in our mission to bring accessible theatre to children everywhere!

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Our Partners

We travel together with our partners and supporters on our journey facilitating accessible theatre to entertain, educate and inspire generations!

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‘Theatre is so important for young minds…the world of performance encourages confidence and enables the ability to see the world in colour.’

Olivia Birchenough

Theatre Notes

What is Children’s Theatre Digital?

Children's Theatre Digital: Explore

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Videographer/Editor: Ben Hewis

Video extracts: The Plé Collective, Tessa Bide Productions, Can’t Sit Still Theatre

Is Digital Theatre becoming the most financially viable option for family theatre?

Is Digital Theatre becoming the most financially viable option for family theatre? Annabel Morley, co-founder of Children’s Theatre Digital which provides a site to explore and interact with the best of theatre for young people across the globe, discusses the importance of digital theatre in the modern age and how valuable it can be to family viewers and the shows they support. An interesting look at the way live and digital interact in today’s creative culture as well as the value each element offers. Digital cannot live without live. Live cannot thrive without digital. A question I’ve been asking myself constantly creating Children’s Theatre Digital has been ‘can theatre live without the…

‘Children are instinctively theatrical. They build their worlds by telling stories about the experiences they see and the inner lives they imagine’

Sonya Walger