Frequently asked questions

What is your mission? To direct audiences to the source of high quality children's theatre content available online publicly, ensuring that no child misses out. We want to find ways to support and help sustain theatre makers both on and offline. See 'About Us' for more.

Who or what organisation sponsors the website? Children's Theatre Digital (CTD) is powered by the commitment of its creators driven on by the moral support of theatre and education professionals and the positive feedback from families, carers and young audiences. Enduring sustainability of the CTD platform ultimately depends on availability of funds. Our aim is to stay afloat with commission derived from advertising and shop sales whilst pursuing substantive sponsorship solutions for long term stability.

What's been your method for choosing links in the run up to your launch? To get the idea up and running we have featured links we love that are available publicly. Our aim is to direct people to see what's already out there. We've worked on the basis, if it's out there, it's out there to be enjoyed! But we understand that may not be for everyone. Just drop us an email at if you're featured and you'd rather not be (we won't be offended!) and we'll remove your feature immediately.

What is the procedure for making online material accessible via Children's Theatre Digital? Online content is not uploaded to Children's Theatre Digital but accessed by direct link to the website of the respective venue, festival, theatre company or individual artist typically via YouTube or Vimeo.  Online content accessed via CTD remains the property and responsibility of the respective owner.

For what age group is this site designed? Children's Theatre Digital takes into consideration audiences aged between 0 to 12 years and their families.

Is everything suitable for this age bracket? No. The site links to YouTube, Vimeo and other online platforms. We have tried to steer you in the right direction to view family-friendly content but we strongly advise that you oversee any child using the site.

How am I supporting artists? Every click on a theatre company, festival or venue link counts to their view figures.  Sharing links helps to grow their audiences far and wide.  Head over to the Discovery Directory where you can find links to websites of companies, venues and festivals who make or produce children's theatre. You'll find social media links, newsletters, tour schedules (on and offline!), booking options and more from your favourite makers.

What happens if I sign up? Signing up is free and easy, and it's the best way you can show your support for our mission to direct audiences to the source of high quality children's theatre. We will keep you updated and inspired by the amazing work we showcase here. You can unsubscribe at anytime. 

We are a theatre company or a production body - does Children's Theatre Digital take submissions? We don't currently take submissions or requests to be featured, however please do tag us in your social media activity so we can see what you are up to. We will communicate our evolution, opportunities or any call outs for specific work through our newsletters.

Is everything here free? Children's Theatre Digital is free to use. We've linked you to free content via our Play pages. You can explore theatre company, venue and festival links via 'The Discovery Directory' and 'Ticketed Events' pages to find ticketed performances both on and offline.

What are the different categories? The categories give an idea of the predominant style of theatre company, venue or festival. You may find that some may cross over styles e.g. music and circus. It is a general guideline, it is not only or exactly what the theatre company, venue or festival produces.

Why do I get an error message when clicking a link? Sometimes an error message may appear when there is a problem with browser settings. It can help to troubleshoot the problem by trying a different browser, eg if error occurs in Safari then try an alternative such as Edge, Firefox or Opera.

When I click a link, why do I get a message saying not available or private? The content may have been removed or access permission restricted by the owner of the material. We monitor changes to reduce the probability of link problems.

Do you accept drama schools, youth companies/ groups or amateur theatre companies? No. You must be a professional company that makes children's theatre performances as well as additional materials. 

I can't find my favourite theatre company on here? We are growing our directory everyday. Keep your eyes peeled!

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