Children's Theatre Digital Group

Corporate Sponsorship

Impact thousands of lives in communities all over the world. Your support will open up world-class family theatre for everyone whilst guaranteeing additional revenue for its makers. Creativity is such an important part of a child’s development, it’s what encourages innovation, collaboration and key communication skills. Theatre for children is vital for interaction, community and innovation as well as building empathy for others, physical play and interaction and learning about cultures through play and storytelling. We can do something film and television can't, we can operate digitally as well as live. We are bridging the gap between theatre and the corporate world, to help both sides push their creative and outreach goals.

Join the family of supporters

From brand recognition, complimentary tickets and hospitality packages, our sponsorship opportunities are flexible and offer your business a host of unique benefits. Packages start from £2,500 with options to sponsor a production and/or a feature on the Children's Theatre Digital (CTD) platform. Find out how you can get your business involved, get in touch with the CTD team:

Diversity & Inclusion

At the core of Children's Theatre Digital (CTD) is diversity and inclusion. It runs deep through the veins of the company and are dual key components that triggered Annabel (Founder & CEO) to initiate the innovation. This means, CTD embraces those of different races, ethnicities, genders, ages, religions, disabilities, and sexual orientations. Equally, we welcome those with differences in education, personalities, skill sets, experiences, and knowledge bases. This is absolutely non-negotiable, and will be celebrated through the body of CTD both in our ventures live and digital, with our audience, collaborators and within our core team. We are committed to fostering a wide variety of theatre from makers all over the world, fore-fronting work led by and involving those from an array of backgrounds. As the platform develops, so too will our strategies to ensure equal access to opportunities, for both audience and industry. We are sculpting a new kind of theatre engagement, one where no one, regardless of where you are, or who you are, misses out.

Environment & Ecology

Climate change is real. It's terrifying. It's time to accelerate remedial action. Children's Theatre Digital will strive to ensure all measures are in place to work as sustainably as possible. Environmental disruption can occur both on and offline and we are educating ourselves on how to make best ecologically mindful decisions each step of the way. This thought is at the core of all decision making as the platform evolves. We are incredibly proud and inspired by young climate activists, indigenous cultures and communities who've been fighting for positive change since the beginning, and those who are committed to learning and applying conscious environmentally friendly approaches across the globe. Theatre is producing work based on this very subject, and many makers have initiated or adapted their process with the environment in mind. CTD will foster work that tackles themes of environment and works in environmentally sustainable ways to help inspire generations young, old and in-between to make positive ecological change.

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