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The Accidental Show with James Campbell

Age Range Suitability
4-11 years

Date(s)/ Time(s)
Every Saturday morning at 10am from 2nd Oct (this Saturday) to 4th Dec

Approx. Run Time
1 hour

Location (Digital: Zoom, International/ Live: ‘Polka Theatre, London, UK’)
Digital via Zoom

Tickets are free because this season is funded by The Arts Council but if you would like to make a donation after the show, any money raised will be used to produce Season Four! We suggest £5 per child but payment is entirely voluntary. Please don’t give us anything if you receive free school meals or if you are an NHS frontline worker. If you’d like to help us please tell your friends about the show and encourage them to sign up to the invitation list. Of course, if you are feeling flush, you’re welcome to donate more.

Requirements (as necessary, such as ‘You will need to bring a rug’)
A link will be sent out in advance with any craft items you might need to take part.

Accessibility Info (optional)
With the attendee microphones largely on mute during the show, children are welcome to hum, draw, sing, dance, paint, do whatever they like throughout the hour, making the shows accessible to all young people, whether neurodiverse or neuro-typical.

About the show
Looking for something to do with your kids on Saturday mornings? Then look no further! Children's weekly light entertainment chat show The Accidental Show will be returning to Zoom every Saturday at 10am from the 2nd October - 4th December. With new guests each week the show is hosted by the children’s author and comedian James Campbell alongside regulars Kirsten O’Brian (CBEEBIES, SMart) and James Mayhew, and introducing new child presenters Daphne, Thomas and Kate, plus co-star Griff the sheep! The show brings culture, creativity, news, and silliness to children across the world via Zoom.

About the company
The Accidental Show started in January 2021 with the announcement of the UK’s third lockdown. It began as a creative workshop to give children a break from online school learning but soon we had an audience far too big for a workshop. It was time to become a show. James Campbell founded and hosts the show every week. James is a children’s comedian and author. You might know him from his Comedy 4 Kids shows and his books The Funny Life of Pets; The Funny Life of Sharks; The Funny Life of Teachers; and Write Your Own Funny Stories. All these books are published by Bloomsbury. The shows are also co-hosted by one of our three child presenters. These are currently Daphne, Tom and Kate. But if you fancy yourself as a TV presenter, stick around. We may be able to find a space for you in season four. Our guests are different each week but are a mixture of authors, illustrators, musicians and comedians who are suitable for children! Regular guests include CBBC Kirsten O’Brien who shows us how to craft something new from rubbish and sticky tape.

Direct link to booking - Join the mailing list to receive the Zoom link each week.

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