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Go Digital, Go Global! When it comes to children’s theatre, digital cannot live without live. Live cannot thrive without digital. The live celebrates local, the digital celebrates global. Both are interdependent when it comes to stretching the children’s theatre sector to its full potential.

Go Digital! Go Global!

In the theatre industry? Created a digital show for children? We love to hear about new material, both live and digital. We curate a selection of shows, activities and interactive stories created by theatre makers, accessible to all without sign in or subscription.

The Sound&Vision and Creative Activities playlists serve to showcase the work of emerging and established theatre makers through to household names in the UK and around the world. Each playlist is attributed to a featured theatre maker with link to their website, in blue text under playlist title, enabling schools and families to explore availability of shows and workshops through to entertainment and educational resources both live and on demand. Theatre makers are featured also in the Wall of Theatre.

The OnTheMap Directory presents a searchable compendium of theatre makers around the globe together with the Festival Wall of annual events in the UK and Ireland.

Go Digital! Go Global!


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If you are featured within the Children’s Theatre Digital website then you may download and use our logo in your own website and promotional materials both live and digital.

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We love to hear about new material, both live and digital.